MEMO to All Employees, and Stock Holders RE: THE OFFICE PARTY


From: Here's My Card Records

Re: The Office Party. Here's My Card's fifth year anniversary.


To celebrate of the fifth anniversary of the Here's My Card Corporation, the board of directors have organized an event to mark this special occasion. There will be audio and visual presentations by the board and partners. The board expects the attendance of all employees, and stockholders to ring in the fifth year of the founding of the record label, and take part in presented seminars at the event. Cake and light refreshments will be provided.

What: Here's My Card's The Office Party
Where: Concord Cafe. 937 Bloor Street West
When: Friday August 15th @ 9pm
How: $5 @ the door. 19+ years of living.
business casual = $1 discount. full business attire = $free
Why: Fifth anniversary of record label

HOLZKOPF – Traveling to new opportunities

Our western division representation from Saskatoon will speak about expanding your business horizons.

ADOLF GLITTER – Team-building

Join Adolf Glitter to learn how to make team-building fun, and productive.

JUBAL BROWN & NWODTLEM – Visual marketing &

How to best utilize multimedia to better reach your target audience.

THE FIRST SEED – Positivity in the workplace

How to yield amazing results though the power of positive thinking.

HINDER – Anger management 101

How to re-channel stress and frustration into productive activities to avoid potential negative situations.

KABLONSKANEUILLE – Verbal communications

Communicating your points effectively using levity and humour.
any questions or comments can be directed to your head reps @ hmcr @