About HMCR

"Before I would just upload my stupid music to the internet. Now I make business card cds and force people to buy them." - Skeeter

Here's My Card Records is a new label that exclusively releases business card cds. 5 minutes of music for $3.

As people's leisure time is quickly eaten away by the capitalistic hegemonic behemoth death machine leaving people with enough time to mow the lawn or do their laundry. That coupled with the complete oversaturation of all media has led to a bit of dilemma.

The desired result of A (music) reaching B (music listener) is now close to impossible. Relying on the belief in an undergroud music utopia where quality rules over quantity just does not cut it any longer. Here's My Card Records operates on a formula that successful negates this dilemma. That formula is Quick and Cheap.