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All digital releases are individually zipped. All tracks are 320kbps 16-bit 44.1 stereo encoded with LAME 3.97. Optimized for iTunes with tracklisting and artwork. Zips also include 300dpi artwork and m3u playlist file.
Upon completion of sale, instructions for downloading will be emailed to you.

Card035 Digital - Hey Hey My My Acid House Will Never Die

The psyche of all that is Canadian culture is irrefutably destroyed by Holzkopf and Roy Gary Biv. Ripping apart the cherished institution that is Neil Young. Now to uninitiated fans of Young, this release could be seen as a slap in the face. This couldn't be father from truth. In tradition of the all great tribute HMCR releases, Holzkopf and Roy joke because they love so much. Old man take a look at my life, I am alot like you.

Card034 Digital - JonBob - Pie

Breakcore, Beatrix Potter, and Bitches. hmmm. Sounds like a swell Saturday night to me. Throw this one on, and have all the people hopping. Ok jeez, that was terribly lame. I wholely apologize. Sorry * one million zillion. Ok, enough with the bad puns, just ignore me and pick up a copy of this cd today.

01 Jon Bob - Pie

Card033 Digital - Australopithecine Footprint - s/t

Holy fucking metal batman! Australopithecine (aka Hinder) rips out the rusty iron gates with 5 tracks of brutal and heavy gabber metal. The third release on the HMCR sub-label, dysTOpia, footprint is a cut above in the rest in new minted genre of metal meets breakcore/gabber. Heavy shit.

01 Australopithecine - though able in flight, an easy capture
02 Australopithecine - breaking the body, breaking the will
03 Australopithecine - devoid of motive, torture for its own sake
04 Australopithecine - a moment of pain-induced clarity

Card032 Digital - Kablonskaneuille - Je M'appelle (The Preston Manning EP)

attention cancon grant factory, please send us grants moneys. release about Preston Manning = very canadian = canadian grant money. no more monies to our lady earth and bryan adams. we will settle for weekend in celine dions hot tub in vegas.

01 Kablonskaneuille - Preston Manning Campaigning in Rural Quebec

Card031 Digital - The First Seed - Watching

The first release on the new Here's My Card sub-label showcasing Toronto artists, dysTOpia. The First Seed slams out the gate with a hard hitting mega-blast of metal breakcore. Fuck the dumbing down trend in breakcore, this release demonstrates that resistance is definitely fucking fertile! Bring it hardcore!

01 The First Seed - Watching
02 The First Seed - Can't Stop

CARD65000k Digital - Hell Bent On Destruction

01 Robot Ninja Dinosaur Bastards - Hell Bent.mp3
02 Robot Ninja Dinosaur Bastards - Killer Klown.mp3
03 Robot Ninja Dinosaur Bastards - With Sword.mp3

HMCRLP001 Digital - V/A - Gettin Down 2 Bizness


uk1 Nailbomb Cults - Cthulhu Rising
Nailbomb Cults sets the stage with monstrous bass and pummelling kicks. By the end this stomper the world is left in tatters, and your mind is seriously shaken by the sheer force.

uk2 Ladyscraper - Bleeding From The Butt
Metal influenced grind mixed with abstract gabba with a healthy dose of noise. This track he reaches a new level of extreme and leaves all others in his dust. Ladyscraper is here to make you bleed!

CardUK010 Digital - V/A - Board Meeting 2

The second edition of the popular Board Meeting series. This time around the record of 8 tracks in 5 minutes is surpassed with 10 tracks in 5 minutes. Can you say, "maximize your listening satisfaction!" I think we can.

CardUK009 Digital - Britch - Probe

01 Britch - Probe

CardUK008 Digital - Hyperdriver- The Return Of Uncle Charlie

Doctors are being murdered in a bizarre manner: bats, bees, killer frog masks, etc., which represent the nine Biblical plagues. The crimes are orchestrated by a demented organ player with the help of his mute assistant. The detective is stumped until he finds that all of the doctors being killed assisted a Dr. Vesalius on an unsuccessful operation involving the wife of Dr. Phibes, but he couldn't be the culprit, could he? He was killed in a car crash upon learning of his wife's death...

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