GTA 5 Mobile Free Download

hello, guys today I’m gonna show you how you can get Grand Theft Auto 5 on your ps4,PC or Xbox one completely for free.

You guys can see the Grand Theft Auto 5 premium edition. It’s 30 bucks on the official website. But I’m gonna go ahead and show you guys how you can get this completely for free.

How to Get GTA 5 Mobile Free Activation Code?

Basically, what you will get is an activation code that you can then input into the Rockstar website and ultimately, get this game completely for free.

What we’re gonna do is go on to click the link on the page. This is the website we need to get this activation code that can be used to activate GTA 5 completely for free.

What you’re gonna want to do is once you get to the GTA 5 free code generator page. You can search for the Grand Theft Auto 5 app. You can just actually type it in the search bar if you have the problem of finding it on the page.

Once you find the GTA 5 activation code generating the page, you will see the email address is required to receive your activation code. So make sure you type in an email you have access to because this is where the key that gets generated it’s going to be sent to.

After entering your email address, you have the following option of select your platform you would play with. There are all three of these platforms, including PC, Xbox One and PS4.

I’m on the PC, so I will go ahead with the PC option and then hit continue.

What it’s going to do is to process your request and generate that GTA 5 free code. Once the generation is complete, we’ll go ahead and send that code to your email.

If you follow the steps, you can see the free code is successfully generated in the system.

Does GTA 5 Free Mobile Download Require Verification or Survey?

Now, we’re gonna go ahead and wait for the hack tool to process.

Before the code finally retrieved, the system is designed to perform automatic verification. However, if it does not pass the process, you have to manually do human verification on your side.

Basically, all you have to do is hit the “Verify Now” button. What this will do is to redirect you to a list of apps. To verify you are a human rather than an attacking bot, you are required to download two apps from the apps list.

Just follow the instructions below each app you install and play each one for at least 30 seconds, you would be successfully passing the manual verification process.

I am here just show you guys how easy it is to complete both of these apps. The overall process doesn’t take any time at all.

When you’re done with the human verification, you can go ahead and delete both the apps.

GTA 5 Free Activation Code Sent to your e-Mail After Human Verification

Of course, once you’re done since the only purpose of these apps is to complete the human verification to verify your human ID. You can get the activation code sent to your email.

For example, with this first app, you would follow all the instructions that were on the first app. Once you complete all the instructions on the first app, you go ahead get off of it and just go in the second app. Then, for example, in the second app, you did the exact same thing you’d follow all the instructions that we’re on the second app. Once you complete those instructions, you can go ahead and get off of your second app.

Once you complete the human verification, if you want, you can go ahead and just delete those apps, because you no longer need them.

As long as you follow the steps correctly, you have successfully completed the human verification for GTA 5 free activation code.

Once you complete the human verification the GTA 5 free code that you generated earlier will get sent to your email account.

Once you receive the activation code that was sent to your email account, take the code and enter it into the Rockstar selling page. You can redeem the GTA 5 V with the code generated there.

If you do everything correctly by now, you will see the returned words of “Rockstar activation code was successful” on the page.

GTA 5 Mobile Free Download Works with PS4, Xbox One and PC System

You can also select PS4, Xbox One if your platform play is not with PC. The overall hack system offers the flexibility of playing and being compatible with all major platforms for GTA 5 gamers.

If you have any problem during the code generating process, please do not hesitate to contact us, professional teams. We will do our best to respond to your request and keep working hard to improve our system for better performance.



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